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Subject: [Evolution] ./configure error

here's what it told me:
checking for GnomePrint libraries >= 0.20... found
checking for Bonobo >= 0.15... configure: error: Bonobo 0.15 is required to
compile Evolution
[root localhost evolution-0.2]# rpm -q bonobo

it confuses the heck out of me b/c 0.5 is greater than 0.15, right? this is
with the 0.2 version...i'll try the 0.3.latest version when i get time to
d/l it (dial-up sucks!)

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I believe bonobo .16 is the latest version of it....they might have made a
mistake and meant .05 because on the helixcode site it says that evolution
.15 is required to compile. Just grab the latest one which is .16 and you'll
be fine

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