RE: [Evolution] Crash on startup with OAFD error

On 12-Jul-2000 Michel wrote:
evolution-shell-WARNING **: Could not activate component
(Maybe you need to set OAF_INFO_PATH?)

I set OAF_INFO_PATH to /usr/share/oaf; if OAF_INFO_PATH is not set the
only difference is that 'trying /usr/share/oaf/' appears before the

Have a look at /tmp/orbit-XXXXX where XXXXX is your username. Deleting it
should work because it seems that once you have started the program with a
wrong OAF_INFO_PATH, it keeps the configuration there. 

In my case, deleting the full /tmp/orbit-ctalon, and setting the OAF_INFO_
PATH to /usr/share/oaf worked ok, although I had to start evolution a couple of
times again in order to have the menus working.

BTW, this is on a debian dist, but I don't thing there should be differences


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