Re: [Evolution] Pilot troubles....

On 30 Dec 2000, Scott Barnes wrote:

I tried the pilot conduits and they immediately crashed gpilotd and all
my contacts and my calendar in Evolution were wiped out.  Any idea what
happened?  Better yet, any way I could make it work correctly?  :)  In
0.6 the calendar and todo conduits worked, now all the evo conduits
crash gpilotd and wipe out their corresponding data.  I also noticed
that it doesn't wipe out the info if the pilot has info on it, only if
the pilot is empty.  GDB said the crash was in a call to pas_[something
or another, I don't remember]_get_type().  What's going on, aren't
_get_type() functions just standard GTK widget functions that just
return an id number for a type of widget?

The adressbook conduit crashes gpilotd for me, but the calendar and todo
conduits seem to work. I can's say anything about data loss, since I had
no data entered in the calendar/adressbook before I tried this.


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