Re: [Evolution] Evolution and NFS

I have discovered this fact independetly.

Email       Evolution       NFS          Status of NFS
Reader      Version         Server       mounting /home 
==========  ==============  ===========  ================
Redhat 7.0  0.6             Redhat 6.1   Worked
Redhat 7.0  0.8             Redhat 6.1   Broken
RedHat 7.0  0.8             ObenBSD 2.8  Really Broken
Redhat 7.0  0.8             Redhat 7.0   Worked

On 28 Dec 2000 09:01:39 +0100, christophe barbe wrote:
I think it's more a problem with the nfs server. At work perhaps the home directories server is powered by 
Solaris ... 
There's is two differents approaches to lock a file : fcntl and flock. The first one should be supported by 
nfs under linux and the second one is not.


On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 20:14:21 Brandon Young wrote:
On my previous post regarding fcntl(2) errors when trying to do anything
with Evolution 0.8, everyone seems to agree that the issue is that my
user directory is mounted via NFS.  Here's the deal, though ... at work
I also mount my home directory via NFS - I don't get the same problems,
everyhting works just fine.  The differences between my home setup and
my work setup are: at home I use Debian, at work I use RedHat (6.2).
Also, at work, in addition to my home directory being an NFS mount,
/var/spool/mail/user_name is an NFS mount - BUT, the mail directory is
an NFS mount on a different machine than that which is mounted as a
user's home directory.  So, is the NFS issue distribution specific?
Others have said they don't have this issue in <insert distribution
name>, but they have experienced it in Debian.  Do I need to change the
permissions on something?

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