[Evolution] Feature request summary for December 18th, 2000.

Hello lovers of evolution,

After a crazy release schedule last week, Evolution 0.8 "Archaeopteryx" was released on Saturday. After a little inital packaging error, I think it is now avaliable on Redhat (6,7) and Debian. Packages for other distributions will come shortly because of glibc problems and whatnot.

Anyhow, it was great getting all the feedback from everyone for the past two weeks. I've filtered through (with evolution, of course) most of the requests I got and included those that seems to be most show-stopping right now. As Miguel told me, I'm now gonna include a little disclaimer:

`This is a list of assembled features that people have

       requested, they do not represent my views.'


As you guys can all see, I've gone a bit crazy with Evolution's HTML mail capabilities. If you're reading this, you really should give the new release a go, because it is really polished now and definitely usable on a day-to-day basis (if you find bugs, tell me!). I'll post a plain-text version tomorrow.

Anyhow, that's all for now and have a happy holiday!




Duncan Mak

duncan helixcode com

duncan simplemente net


- Allow designation of a "default" folder that is opened when evolution is started.
(Scott Fritzinger <scottf unr edu>)

- Message navigation buttons on toolbar. (Next, Previous, Next unread, Prev
(Brad P. Crochet <Brad Crochet seurat com>

- A way to delete mail folders. Too many people asked for this, so it's mine.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Async, Multi-Threaded operations: read/write/delete mail while receiving new mail.
(Xavier Bestel <n0made free fr>)

- Configurable actions based on mail size.
(Xavier Bestel <n0made free fr>)

- Remember state after exit (Executive Summary and Shortcut bar)
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>, Dan Hensley <dan hensley att net>)

- Cron-like Action Macros. (ie. do certain actions daily/weekly/monthly)
(Dwight D. McKay <dwight owl bio purdue edu>)

- Graphical preferences toggle for splash screen.
(David Tabachnikov. captain isdn net)

- Make splash screen movable. (a la The GIMP)
(David Tabachnikov. captain isdn net)

- Get mail for every n seconds.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

Message List/Etable:
- Show number of messages that matches search query.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Configurable date layout. Lots of people requested this, I'll claim this as mine now.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Show message number as field.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Have first unread email message to be in the center of the list, ala Outlook.
(Joe Shaw <joe helixcode com>)

- Clean-up contextual menu in message list.
(Miguel de Icaza <miguel helixcode com>)

Message View:
- Configurable colorized reply/forward quotations.
(Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>)

- When uniconifying attached image files, evolution re-renders all thumbmails in mail -> slow performance.
(Xavier Bestel <n0made free fr>)

- Improve GUI for attachments. (Notzed did a mockup design already)
(Miguel de Icaza <miguel helixcode com>)

Mail Filtering:
- Toggle for temporary disabling/enabling mail filters.
(Joaquim Fellmann <joaquim mail dotcom fr>)

- Import Netscape filter/rules.
(Rob Kearey <mammal optushome com au>)

- Duplicated message filter.
(Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc cu-portland edu>)

- Keyword searches for any matched keywords (instead of one keyword / filter)
(Tom Musgrove <TomM pentstar com>)

- New filter options (fejj fejj fejj!): Unread and Unreplied.
(Ryan Heise <ryan whitewolf com au>)

- New filter expressions: A or B, etc..
(Ryan Heise <ryan whitewolf com au>)

- Ability to select multiple source folders.
(Guy Steven <rgs etive southern co nz>)

- Autocreate new vfolders based on frequently used words.
(Tom Musgrove <TomM pentstar com>)
(ed. not trivial at all!)

- Port all existing Mail Filters to Vfolder options. (ie. vfolder on
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)
- Fix broken cut-n-paste support! I tried writing this document with
Evolution's Composer, it crashed three times and lost all contents
everything because of this bug ;(
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com)

- Handle tab-indent for paragraphs.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Address autocompletion.
(Cristian Posoiu <cristi AuctionWatch ro>)

- Multiple identities (with possibly different signature files) for replies
based on folder/vfolder.
(Dan Hensley <dan hensley att net>)

- Similar to the request for colorized quotes in message view, it would also
be nice to have it in the Compose window.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- When replying messages, if parts of the message body is highlighted, then
only quote the selected text.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- '--compose <address>' flag for better web browser intergration.
(Charles R. Tersteeg <aa0na arrl net>)

- Fix HTML signature support.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Menu item that launches the HTML Component capplet, in response to
numerous requests for personalized keybindings.
(not avaliable in 0.8) (Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- About dialog with frequently-used keyboard shortcuts. Inspiration from
numerous console apps.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)
(Tom Musgrove <TomM pentstar com> for "command summary card")

- Correct Emacs bindings (currently, C-k doesn't kill-line, it works like
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)


- Import Netscape address (LDAP file).
(Dan Hensley <dan hensley att net>)

- Get personal info from Email (ie. name, organization, e-mail) and generate
appropriate Contacts information.
(Duncan Mak <duncan helixcode com>)

- Autocreate VFolder for each contact.
(Tom Musgrove <TomM pentstar com>)

- Frequent and recent contact list.
(Tom Musgrove <TomM pentstar com>)

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