Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] Evolution 0.8 "Archaeopteryx" is out

Le 2000.12.16 22:23:25 +0100, NotZed a écrit :

Thats expected behaviour, since until now that information was
only stored in the summary, and each subsequent summary
version didn't know how to read the old one (and so any
summary-only information got lost).

Now, for local mail (mbox/mh anyway), that information is also
stored inside the messages during an expunge/sync, so shouldn't
be lost in the future.

Le 2000.12.16 20:29:13 +0100, Ettore Perazzoli a écrit :
The happy monkeys at Helix Code have just released Evolution 0.8,
name "Archaeopteryx".

Just another microbug: all my colors where gone during the update ...
all mails are black now.

I can't see '/usr/bin/html-editor' thingy in the rpm !


That's OK, but don't you think the missing /usr/bin/html-xxx is why
we can't compose mail ? Without the composer (I don't remember
precisely its name), it seems normal.
Did someone forget to put it in the package ? bad ./configure or
bad .spec ?


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