Re: [Evolution] What I want in a mail client ....

On 13 Dec 2000 11:02:22 -0800, Peter Pavlovich wrote:
Well that is a good question. Here is what I'm really looking for ...

- I need to retrieve mail from at least 2 accounts. Both support a
pop3 interface.


- I'd like to be able to create "pretty" email (HTML type) but that
is not really necessary


- I need GOOD filtering functionality (be able to select and move
mail automatically to different folders and then mark it as read in
some cases


- It would be nice if the system could remember people's email

Done.  Needs a bit tighter integration though.

- It would be REALLY nice if the program could import from Netscape 6
for Linux (and possibly Eudora for windows) by just pointing the
importer at the top-level directory containing the the mail to be

We are working on importers.

P.S. Has anyone built this for Redhat 7.0 yet and if so, is there a
way I can get it so I don't have to "build" it myself? I am a bit of
a unix newbie and have a lot of trouble building stuff sometimes. I'm
more of a Smalltalk/Java guy on NT but am slowly making the
transition to the (obviously) superior Linux OS.

My dev platform in RH7.0.  The helix updater can provide you with
packages or you can get them directly from
The current release is 0.6 although we are about to do another one.


JP Rosevear                             jpr helixcode com
Helix Code Inc.               

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