[Evolution] Bad bug ... !

... not in evolution, but maybe in here!\

For the last week, I haven't been able to 'Get Mail' more than once.
Starting Evolution works fine, but to check for new mail it constantly
dies; at times with 'oops, the mail component has crashed', at other
times with a frozen Evolution window (can only be destroyed). Restarting
brings the new 'Evolution-Helixcode' window up. That's it. Then this
windows is stuck in the foreground of all desktops and can't be removed.
I can't even shutdown the X-windows nicely; I have to use
What bothers me is, that I checked all (??) components, like evolution,
oaf, bonobo, gtkhtml, .... with gnoRPM and all go through without any
problem. Otherwise I'd simply re-install Evolution ...

I called this a bug, since there seems to be no problem with Evolution
and its components (as far as gnoRPM can tell), it retrieves all mails
nicely, but only in the first instance, after startup. 'Get Mail' a
second time starts the blue (how do you call this ??) blue waiting
indicator, the status-line displays correctly; but will never come up
with anything different from what I wrote above: crash.

Any help will be apppreciated!!


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