[Evolution] RE: encryption of MAPI

Your willingness to assume the worst motives without ever asking for the
real reason seems to be a common symptom.
Did you ever wonder what these people may think when you ask them for
cooperation (i.e. disclosure of RPC protocols)?

Martin Kuhne
Escalation Engineer, Critical Problem Resolution (CPR)
Microsoft GmbH

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but seriously, the purpose of 10100101 is to make cleartext less readable.

for encryption, you use DCE/RPC's NTLMSSP, with sign and seal requested.

MAPI's job is not to encrypt, but to do mail.

OK, if this obfuscation isn't for security, what's it for? The usual, no
doubt - just make it more difficult for people to compete...

NTLMSSP's job is to authenticate, sign and seal.

Bleurgh. Let's hope the final judgement from the Supreme Court (or the EU
case) prohibits MICROS~1 from obfuscating APIs, protocols etc...


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