[Evolution] Re: Idea re: Palms, gnome & event alarms

Is crond platform-independent enough to use, or is it linux only?  If it's
platform-indepenent, then we could have alarms exported to ~/.crontab,
couldn't we?  Just an idea...


Jeremy Wise

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Scott D. Webster wrote:

"Scott D. Webster" wrote:

Gnome Meisters,

        I have an idea (a suggestion really) that I want to toss in the ring
here and see what becomes of it.  I received a Palm III for Christmas
and have been following Gnome PIM, and Gnome Pilot development since
then.  Recently I though of something that I think would be very usefull
for Gnome PIM (and eventually Evolution) and Gnome Pilot users - an
alarm daemon.  It would be great to have a separate, small program that
would monitor the the event alarm configuration of datebook data and
generate some form of alarm at the proper time without requiring
gnomecal or evolution to be running at the time.

      Err...  I  forgot to mention that a possible alternative to a daemon
would be an interface to export event alarms to cron and/or at.

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