Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] GPG/PGP support in Evolution

Ken Schar wrote:

I re-ran autogen and here's what I got.


So that appears good. Then I did a make clean and re-made
everything. However, it still doesn't seem to recognize when I have a pgp
message sitting in my inbox.  Does it only recognize certain types of gpg
messages at this point?

It looks for the string "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----" and goes from
there.  However, it *only* looks for the string in two cases:
  (a) The content type is text/plain.  This is a hack and is only
implemented for backwards compatibility with all the folks who send
PGP/GnuPG messages by pasting encrypted data into their emails by hand.
  (b) The content type is multipart/encrypted.  This follows RFC 2015. 
A demo message of the correct form is in the RFC.  Evolution should
generate encrypted messages of this form RSN.

So, if your PGP data is in, say, a text/html message, you'll just see
the encrypted data.  This *might* be your problem.  Open up the relevant
mbox file in Emacs or less or something and take a peek at the content

Hope that helps,


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