Re: [Evolution] Bonobo & keyboard focus


I don't have solution for you :( but I am also experiencing some
problems with Bonobo/keyboard focus, so I hope it could give next
clue for our bonobo gurus to solve it :)

The problem shows in gtkhtml component when gtk_grab_focus is called.
After this, no more keypress events are propagated back to toplevel
(container) window, so accelerators don't work. I also noticed, that
after grab focus call in gtkhtml components dialogs, no redraw events
are processed for container window, they are processed after dialog is
closed. You could try it in evolution mail composer window and also
in test-html-editor-control

Hope this will potentialy help

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 03:40:37PM +0100, Damon Chaplin wrote:

My calendar view canvas items don't seem to be getting "FOCUS_CHANGED"
events when the mouse leaves the window.

It looks like a Bonobo/canvas problem. Does anyone know what is going wrong?

I'm also getting lots of warnings like these:

  Gdk-WARNING **: GdkWindow 0x4c001f2 unexpectedly destroyed
  Bonobo-WARNING **: Destroying incorrect plug!

These are occasionally followed by a SEGV.


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