Re: [Evolution] Pilot dependencies

Will Newton wrote:

The Palm Pilot lib dependencies are still there in configure.
Without pi-version.h installed the configure halts.
(No command line switches seem to change it)

Yes, unfortunately Dan's fix doesn't work since gnome-config doesn't
return a decent error code.

Here's what I did to macros/gnome-pilot.m4 to get it to realize that gnome-pilot
isn't installed. I don't really like depending on the textual output of
gnome-config, so maybe someone has a better idea:

--- gnome-pilot.m4.orig Wed Apr 19 10:50:35 2000
+++ gnome-pilot.m4      Mon Apr 24 21:07:28 2000
@@ -102,11 +102,11 @@
                if test x$GNOME_CONFIG = xno; then
-                       if $GNOME_CONFIG --modversion gpilot 2> /dev/null; then
-                               gnome_cv_pilot_found=yes
-                       else
-                               gnome_cv_pilot_found=no
-                       fi
+                       modversion=`$GNOME_CONFIG --modversion gpilot 2>&1`
+                       case $modversion in 
+                       Unknown\ library*) gnome_cv_pilot_found="no" ;;
+                       *) gnome_cv_pilot_found="yes" ;;
+                       esac
        AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_GNOME_PILOT,test x$gnome_cv_pilot_found = xyes)

Also, I just had to remove "#include <camel/data-wrapper-repository.h>"
from camel.h (it's included 3 times) since it doesn't seem to exist anymore.


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