[Evolution] evolution in action

On irc.gnome.org:#evolution today, someone told someone else:

        by the way - after compiling everything, all that you will
        basically get is a 'shell' that doesn't do anything ;)

This is wrong. When you start it up, you should get a warning message
telling you how foolish it would be to run Evolution on your real
mail, and then you get an empty mail view.

If you're _not_ seeing this, it most likely means that you didn't set
--sysconfdir to whatever `gnome-config --sysconfdir` points to when
you were configuring, so it's not installing the .gnorba files into
the right directory, so the shell can't launch the components. The
right fix is to configure with "--sysconfdir=`gnome-config
--sysconfdir`" or whatever. Another fix would be to set GNOME_PATH or
GNOME_GNORBA_PATH in your environment to point to the prefix you
installed into.

If you want to see the mail component actually display mail, copy an
mbox file to ~/evolution/folders/inbox. (You need to exit evolution
and kill the evolution-mail component if it's running first.)

-- Dan

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