Re: [Evolution] mail i18n issues

Are there any standards/proposals/theories on the internationalization
of strings like

      In-Reply-To: Your message of DATE <MSGID>

Well you dont normally see such headers (and the msgid
isn't really human-readable/usable either), and the 'your message of'
isn't adding much (and in all honesty, the rfc822 headers
are english, so pretty meaningless if you do display these in
a non-english context).

      On DATE, PERSON wrote:

That should just be a configurable string anyway.
Like "On %d, %s wrote:" where %d = date, %s = sender.  etc.
(i.e. upto the user to decide on i18n).

      This is a multipart message in MIME format.

Well, that text should never be 'seen' in a 'real' mailer anyway.

I am not sure even if you can use anything but US-ASCII
to encode the pre/post text of a multipart (since you
can't specify the charset, you're already left with 
only us-ascii?).

I am aware of the Content-Language header, but that's useless because
no one uses it.

Is that even MIME, or some pre-mime thing?

Failing a good solution, do people think it is better to write pretty
text in English or write ugly language-neutral text. (Eg,
"In-Reply-To: <MSGID>", and skip the other two entirely.)

Is it common for mailers in other countries to translate the English
message header names to local forms for display?

Good question ...


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