[Evolution] Outline

Hello all.  Following is the current outline for the Evolution User's
Guide.  Comments welcome of course.
The current draft is up in the sgml source at


Preface: Introduction
   section: What is Evolution?
   section: What can Evolution do for me?
   section: About this book: A tour for part II, a reference for part
III, and some of each in part IV

Part 1: Using Evolution: A guided tour for everybody
   Chapter: The Evolution main window-- what's this? and other
  sect1: Using the shortcut bar to do/see/use stuff
  sect1: Using the tree-view bar to do/see/use stuff

   Chapter: The Mailer /*note that config is covered in the config
  sect1: Getting and sending mail: as easy as
     also see "contact-manager" on the creation of mailing lists
  sect1: Organizing your mail
             sect2: folders
      sect2:  Getting really organized: Searches and vFolders
      sect2: Staying Organized: Filters and Actions (note scripting in
part III)

   Chapter: Contact Manager-It's all in the cards:
   sect1:  Creating, adding, deleting cards
   sect1:  Organizing and searching your cards: just like the mail.
      sect2: folders, searches, vFolders
      sect2: Mailing Lists and groups
   sect1:  Keeping a poker face: private and public cards
   sect1:   Do it for me: automation:
      sect2:Cards by mail, auto-add
      sect2:Map it!, etc. (not scripting in part III)

   Chapter: The Calendar:
  sect1: Scheduling appointments
     sect2: for yourself
     sect2: with others
     sect2: by and for others
  sect1:  I've got how long to get to that meeting? Reminders and
scripting them
  sect1:  Organize it: views, folders, etc.
  sect1:  Do it for me: Appointments by mail, and automating the
appointment process

   Chapter: GNOME-Pilot and LDAP:  Getting In Sync with No Strings
   i. Once you set it up, it's automatic.  GNOMEPilot works with other
apps too.
   ii. See configuration reference for conflict resolution with calendar
and contact-manager

Part: Configuring Evolution: A Reference for administrators and power
/*sect1's here may be better off as listitems in a variablelist, or
<sections>. not sure.
Structure may change depending on how prefs are grouped in application.
Should be described
by interface/window/popup.  */

   Chapter:General Preferences:
 sect1:  appearance
 sect1:  Sounds
 sect1:  startup
 sect1:  scripting on/off
 sect1:  Hours in a day and days in a week: Time display.
   Chapter:Mail Preferences:
 sect1:  Identities
 sect1:  Servers
 sect1:  autocheck
 sect1:  forwarding,
 sect1:  formatting
 sect1:  Copies, drafts & templates
 sect1:  Return Recipts
 sect1:  Disk Space
 sect1:  Display of data from cards and calendar
   c)Calendar Preferences:
    sect1: Shared dates
 sect1: Scheduling permission: Who can pencil whom in?
 sect1: Alarms
 sect1: To-Do lists
   d)Contact Preferences: Shared cards, Cards with multiple addresses,
 sect1: Shared cards
 sect1: Cards with multiple addresses
  e)Synchronization: GNOME-Pilot and LDAP
 sect1: Conflict resolution with the calendar and contact manager
 sect1: Auto-synch

/*Sect IV to be added for later versions, or put into seperate book
"Evolution Developer's Guide" */
4: Advanced Scripting and Actions: A Guide and Reference for power users
and Hackers
   a) Introduction to actions and scripting
   b) Guide
       i.   Scripting your filters: "When I get email from my boss, page
       ii.  Promiscuous Interfacing: Bonobo Controls and Evolution
       iii. Getting really 31337: Scripting integration with Perl, tcl
and so forth
   c) Reference: What interfaces does Evolution expose to my script?

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