[Evolution] Another week forward

Lots of stuff was done this week, including (but not limited to)...

     * Now has a toolbar, with a semi-functional "new contact" button
     * The contact-editor can now load from an ECard
     * there have been some reflow fixes in the minicard view
     * hover-tooltips work
     * some idl redesign

        * Now integrated into the shell
      * has toolbar and menuitems
      * loading/saving basically working

        * some good SMTP provider work
      * new pixmaps
      * header-parsing work (not yet consolidated into camel)
      * dot-locking for an mbox file
      * incoming mail path (via POP).

        The ETable no longer uses xml internally, for performance reasons; finally,
we've had a bunch of translations help (for Galician, Ukranian, Swedish,
Greek, Danish, Norwegian, and Russian!).


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