Re: [Evolution] One last suggestion on including the / in filenames

I have to say I agree. I'm a part time Mac user as well and that is a very
smart way to do things. With the MacToolbox it parses everything for you and
already does the ':' to '-' or ';' for you. In this case you have to do it
yourself. I don't see how this has passed you by... Am I missing something
more complicated here?
I also agree that there are better and more important things to do in
Evolution such as the shell.


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I stood there attention to the west.
Her eyes were green.
The sky was blue
She turned to me
She says "I can't see?"
I says "See what?"
"I can't see the sun" she says.
So I turned to the left,
And took one step to the south.
Now that's something I'll regret.
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From: Aaron Weber <aaron helixcode com>
Organization: helix code
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 13:18:43 -0400
To: evolution helixcode com
Subject: [Evolution] One last suggestion on including the / in filenames

Macs let you put a slash in a filename.  They don't, however, let you
put a colon : in a filename
because that's their directory separator.
When writing a filename, if a user types : it shows up as an &emdash; or
a - or something.
We can do that with evolution as well-- just substitute a similar
character in certain circumstances.
Users try once or twice, and then say hell with it.  no need for icky
dialogs or weird restrictions.

and now, on to more important issues, like getting the thing to


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