Re: [Evolution] translation to portuguese

  I've partially done a translation to portuguese of the po/ (pt_PT).
Interested in a full version? I so I'll finish and send it to you...

Yes, although we've been lax about properly gettext-ifying the source,
so many of the strings in the program don't appear in the po files
yet, so it will need more translation later.

The GNOME Translation home page
( says that there's a
Portuguese translation team, but the home page they list
( no longer exists. The i18n status
page ( shows the Portuguese
translations of GNOME as a whole are not very complete. If you're
interested in helping out with that, you should go to the GNOME
Translation home page and join the gnome-i18n mailing list.

But, if you just want to translate this one program, we'll take that
too. :)

-- Dan

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