Re: [Evolution-hackers] Feature request: filter out messages from known senders

On Tue, 2016-10-25 at 21:23 +0200, Jarek wrote:
I'd like to have a filter condition, selecting messages from
senders from address book.
I'd like to create folder for unknown senders.

that might be pretty slow, at least according to the past experience,
where a similar thing is done with "Load remote content only for
messages from contacts". This feature did cause slowness. I cannot
imagine that the rule would check all the senders in my mailing list
folder which currently has more that 162.000 messages (not unique
senders, luckily). Imagine you've like 10.000 different senders, that
would be a flood on the address books lookup. Count to it remote
address books, like WebDAV, Exchange, and so on. I even do not want to
think of the consequences when the search folder would be updated due
to whatever reason. In other words, the performance would be the main

By the way, this list is not meant to be used for feature requests,
there is the GNOME bugzilla for it:


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