Re: [Evolution-hackers] custom address book backend

On Sun, 2016-11-27 at 23:38 +0000, Carlos Prado wrote:
I would like to write a custom backend for icloud addressbook and
calendar for evolution data server

the iCloud supports CardDAV and CalDAV, thus any client which uses
these standard protocols can connect to the servers. At least SRV
record on the site advertises for the two:
   caldavs: priority:0 weight:0
   carddavs: priority:0 weight:0

The evolution-data-server can handle both protocols already, thus I'm
wondering whether it would make sense to write the backends "again".

What is actually missing is a complete setup for the iCloud services,
like is offered for GMail, Exchange Web Services, MAPI and such, but
that is far from the place you ask about.

Where can I start?

Check current backends in the evolution-data-server sources, eventually
one of the 3rd-party connectors, like evolution-ews.

Do you have any manual, article or wiki for this?

I do not know whether there is anything specifically for the two, but
there is always a developer documentation:

The doesn't have the reference for the eds on its
main page for some reason, I do not know why. The WiKi page has some
valid information, but also as it mentions, there can be outdated info
as well.

This is the correct way for adding new online services to gnome

Sure, we can discuss your ideas here, then you'd be able to focus in
the way which will fit your needs the best. We can even switch to
GNOME's bugzilla at some point.

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