Re: [Evolution-hackers] help me!!

On Wed, 2016-05-11 at 14:50 -0400, Ronny Montano Martinez wrote:
Hello, I write because I am developing an application in Python. Here
I need to add new events to the calendar application evolution, but
will not let me, when I try to import or ECalClient ECal displays a
message in error, I hope your help as soon as possible, thanks

I would like to help, but you didn't give enough information to be able
to do that. Could you clarify these things first, please?

a) what is the exact version of the evolution-data-server and
   evolution you are using

b) do you want to add the event from the python code, or from
   the evolution itself

c) where, in which calendar, do you want to import the event

d) what is the exact error message you receive; if you run evolution
   in a non-English locale, then ideally run it as:
   $ LANG=C evolution
   Also check the evolution console, whether it shows anything useful.
   It can be that the background processes will claim errors in
   the other locale, thus you might want to run it similarly:
   $ LANG=C /usr/libexec/evolution-calendar-factory -w
   and only then run the evolution from another terminal. The exact
   location of the calendar factory executable depends on
   the distribution you are using.

e) could you share a test event you are trying to import, which fails

        Thanks and bye,

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