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On Thu, 2015-05-14 at 13:31 +0200, Alexis Maiquez Murcia wrote:
I'm actually helping to develop the "Maya" calendar project ( ). Maya is the default calendar that comes 
with ElementaryOS. We have already implemented support for individual 
WebDAV-based calendars (it was fairly easy using evolution-data-server 
and libedataserver) but is not so easy with multiple-calendar users AND 
google users. I want users to be able to select what calendars they 
wants to sync and add support to sync google calendar in the same way 
(multiple-or-single calendar syncs).

So my two questions are:
-Is there any way to retrieve a calendars list with libedataserver for 
WebDAV-based users?
-Is there any specific way to connect to Google Calendar through 
libedataserver and sync those calendars too? (the WebDAV method is 
considered insecure by google)

It’s probably worth mentioning that libgdata[1] can list your Google
Calendars, and has recently been upgraded to support v3 of the Google
API (the latest).

*However*, if you can achieve what you want with CalDAV and the methods
given by Milan, I would strongly suggest going with that. It allows for
more code re-use, and the EDS CalDAV code is more mature than libgdata.

In any case, please report bugs (to EDS[2] or libgdata[3]) for any
missing features you require, so that the amount of code we can share is
maximised. :-)



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