[Evolution-hackers] ActiveSync support for Evolution

Since I've been using this "in anger" for my company email for the last
few months, and I haven't had cause to touch the code since the
beginning of December... I suppose it's about time I pulled my finger
out, called it a "release", and tried to import it into GNOME. So...


For those who weren't aware: this is a basic implementation of the
ActiveSync protocol, in a standalone dæmon which is accessed by DBus.

Clients of this dæmon include a Camel provider which is included in the
git repository, and a SyncEvolution plugin for calendar/contacts
synchronisation, which is shipped with SyncEvolution itself.

We could add e-d-s back ends for direct access to calendar/contacts too.

The Camel provider supports Evolution 3.0 and 3.2; I've made a start at
updating it to 3.4 but won't finish it before I disappear for a week,
starting tomorrow. If any kind person feels like copying most of Milan's
commits f7dd1cd2 and 8cf26212 from evolution-ews, that would be much
appreciated. Otherwise I'll get to it when I get back.


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