[Evolution-hackers] PHOTO uri + escaping


I am seeing an issue where the Synthesis engine doesn't parse a vCard
with PHOTO;VALUE=uri the same way as libebook's
e_contact_inline_local_photo() does.

The vCard has:


The actual file name is:

Note that %2FGIF was encoded as %252FGIF in the vCard.

The Synthesis engine does no decoding of the %25 before trying to read
the file. I think this is a bug, and I take full credit, eh, blame for
it as I added that too simplistic URI handling code ;-)

However, why does the file name end in %2FGIF in the first place? It
would be much more readable to just use .GIF.

That notwithstanding, of course I intend to fix the bug in the Synthesis

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick Ohly gmx de

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