[Evolution-hackers] Sqlite cache for address-book storage in EDS

   I was going through the Address-book cache used in EDS while starting to write the address-book backend for EWS. We use EBookBackendCache that stores in the form of xml, EBookBackendDBCache which uses libdb for storing the VCard strings. While EBookBackendSummary stores the information about names, email ids for faster lookup.

Some backends use EBookBackendCache and some use EBookBackendDBCache.

ldap, google, webdave uses EBookBackendCache.
file, groupwise, exchange uses EBookBackendDBCache.

I was wondering if its worth writing a EBookBackendSqliteCache as we are already using sqlite for string emails and later migrating all backends to use the same.  The summary and VCard strings can be stored in a single Cache without the need for using EBookBackendSummary. Any thoughts ?

- Chenthill.

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