[Evolution-hackers] REFRESHING INBOX

Hi , happy new year 2011 to all.

I'm using evolution a long time now, and the last version I use for
now is a way outdated
since it is 2.26.3 but I have a desktop on gnome 2.26.x and will soon
try to upgrade to the
last stable 2.32 one. But since I have about 4GB of mails of my work
in it I'm trying to do
that carefully.

Ok the problem I have is that when I move some directory under my
Inbox tree all the e-mails
I have in there disappear. They are just not showed, I'm sure of that
because if I vim the
.evolution/mail/local/Inbox.sdb/mydir.sdb/mydir I see all of the
missing messages in that file.

Accidentally I have dragged Inbox into some other dir, and then when I
moved it back to its
original location same thing happened.

Now I would like to ask, is there a way of redisplaying the e-mails ?

How exactly the e-mail files structure under .evolution/mail/local works ?
There are .sdb directories .cmeta .ibex.index files and others. What
is the purpose
of those files and how they are created ?


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