Re: [Evolution-hackers] ExchangeServer 2003: MAPI or Exchange?

Dunno if this exchange is appropriate in this list(I’m a n00b), however, in my experience evolution-exchange will work fine with 2003.  Things don’t start getting sketchy until Exchange 2007, and there if you want full function you must use exchange-mapi, which is very sketchy indeed ( or at least the version I’m using – 2.30 ).

I’m currently trying (with very, well, 0 success) to build a dev checkout of Evolution (2.91.4) and am having no end of troubles..

So:  evo-exchange works fine w/ 2003, evo-mapi works (not really) with 2007, and imap will work with both if you don’t need full functionality (things like calendar synching etc.)




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in my company we use an Exchange server 2003. As I'm planning to switching to ubuntu, I'm interested in using evolution for email.
As i see, there are two options to connect to exchange server: evolution-mapi and evolution-exchange

- What are the differences between them?
- Which one is more stable?
- Which one is more complete?
- Which one you would suggest to use?

Thank you,


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