[Evolution-hackers] New evo build makefile available

Hi all; I've updated my makefile for building Evolution from git:


This version supports Lucid and Maverick.  Note it is NOT completely tested.  I was able to successfully build the 2.32 version of Evolution on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick), building only these packages:


Using this content for local.mk:

DISTRO := maverick
evo-VER := 2.32
BRANCH := gnome-$(evo-VER)
PREFIX := /opt/evo-$(evo-VER)
BRANCH_evolution-webcal := master
BRANCH_libgweather := master
gtkhtml_CONFIG_OPTS := --disable-deprecated-warning-flags
ENABLE_libgweather := n
ENABLE_exchange := n
ENABLE_mapi := n
ENABLE_openchange := n

There are some annoying things going on in the build that I'll email about to the hackers list separately if anyone cares.

I haven't tried to build Exchange support yet, nor build the current master branch (but I will).

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