Re: [Evolution-hackers] Access Contacts information from Remote Machine with Python

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 4:27 PM, Michael Pilgermann <KichKasch gmx de> wrote:
> Dear List Members,
> for a PIM synchronization program called PISI, which we mainly develop for the Linux Phone Freerunner, I am currently trying to implement Evolution connectivity - starting up with the contacts domain.
> The basic concept is to run PISI on the mobile phone Freerunner using a network connection tunneled over USB (all in place) and access the information from the EDS remotely.
> As I could not find a proper way for a remote interface to EDS (nor Python bindings for that) I started to access the underlaying Berkeley database for the contact information directly. The access is working smoothly on the local Desktop machine, where the EDS is running.
> However, my solution to copy the file via SSH to the Freerunner; edit the database there and copy it back does not seem to work. I read in some forums already, that it might not be possible to access information from within a Berkeley database when it was removed from its original environment.

I dont think copying the db file gonna help much. You can't guarantee
to get it working all the time. Each backend uses a different type of
storage :-(

> Could anybody please give some advice, whether
> - there is a way to copy the database to another machine by keeping it working, or
> - how to remotely access the EDS in Python using the proper way??

You can look at look at some sample code from deskbar applet. It was
written in Python, and uses python bindings for EDS to query contacts.
Not sure, if deskbar applet is still alive, but code should be hosted


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