[Evolution-hackers] Mutt and evolution together considered harmfull?


Don't fear, this is no support question, I just need some advice on how
to dig into this (what components are involved etc.):

1. My setup is a Maildir that is filled from offlineimap. I normally use

2. This may, or may not be related: On this evolution instance (with a
home dir that comes from fedora 7 times) I sometimes see things like
#563118 on my INBOX. Sometimes I also see the complete inverse (all new
messages are displayed but no old ones, is that a known bug?) I _do not_
see this stuff on my laptop installation that was upgraded from f10 and
runs the same version with the same setup.

3. Here comes the bad thing: When I run mutt on this Maildir and then
open evolution, mutt will report 'mailbox changed' (which implies
evolution is doing something bad) and weird things happen. Last time all
mails that were flagged as deleted were gone. Yesterday all deletion
flags moved away and so on.

So is having two clients open considered harmfull (guess there should be
a lock then)? Any ideas where I could look for a diagnosis?



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