[Evolution-hackers] Branching for Evolution 2.28 on Aug 11

  We have been waiting for a while to get the eds address-book dbus port
merged into master for 2.28. Considering the stability issues we have at
the moment with the branch (http://tinyurl.com/bgo-eds-dbus-hybrid ) and
some work which needs to be done for evolution-exchange to work, we will
be merging into master immediately after the branching for 2.28.

Kill-bonobo branch will also get merged and we will have enough time to
work through them for 3.0. We would also be merging the eds calendar
dbus port.

Most of the work will be going on in master to get the ported pieces
stable after branching. So when 2.29.1 comes out on oct 28 with these
changes, we can assure some stability.

Branching for 2.28 will be done on Aug 11th immediately after the UI
freeze/2.27.90 release. I will send out another mail after branching so
that developers ensure the relevant patches are committed to both 2.28
branch and master.

Thanks, Chenthill.

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