[Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.22 released

Hello Everyone,

The Evolution Team is pleased to announce the release of

               * Evolution 2.22.0
               * Evolution-Data-Server 2.22.0
               * GtkHTML 3.18.0
               * Evolution Exchange 2.22.0
               * Evolution-sharp 0.16.0

You can download the following :


Evolution/GNOME versions are synced in this release which is the reason
for the unusual version bumps. 

What is in 2.22 ?

Spam Improvements 
      * Bogofilter as default spam filter
      * White list support 
      * Junk detection based on server side spam headers (Faster as
        messages won't be download)
      * Junk/NotJunk flags stored on the IMAP Server (Second instance of
        Evolution detects spam automatically)

UI Improvements 
      * New look Tango icons 
      * Non intrusive error reporting and logging framework
      * Message tagging (Custom labels)

New Backends 
      * Google calendar support

Memory Improvements 
      * Major design change in memory handling in libical. EDS should
        take/have very less memory. 
      * Loads of valgrind/memory leak fixes

GtkHTML Improvements 
      * Frame/IFrame Anchor support 
      * Saving embedded html image

General Improvements 
      * Improved mime parsing. (Evolution parses much more than
      * Crash detection (Helps to disable preview pane, if the previous
        crash was due to last rendered email) 
      * Experimental External Editor plugin 
      * Plugin configuration support 
      * Clean up of new mail notification configuration to plugin
      * Password improvements (Now passwords are forgotten only for
        invalid credentials and not for all errors)

Bug fixes 
      * Nearly 50 crash fixes 
      * Some very important bug fixes 
              * VFolder/trash/junk crashes 
              * Itip-viewer crashes 
              * Calendar/libical crashes 
              * Summary/Folder mismatch 
              * Exchange filtering crashes
              * Exchange connection lost fixes
              * GtkHTML rendering crash fixes

  and nearly 450 bug fixes

Thanks to all who contributed to the Evolution 2.22 release

Reporting Bugs

If you have problems with 2.22.0, please take the time to submit the bug
using Bug Buddy or at http://bugzilla.gnome.org.  Try to fill in as
much detail as you can regarding the circumstances that lead to the

Kindly check if your bug has been reported before by using the
search functionality of Bugzilla.

More information is available at the project website
and the project wiki :


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