[Evolution-hackers] How can I retrospectively import the Follow Up Flag?

I sent the following to the 'normal' Evolution list.  With hindsight,
however, may be the hacker list is more appropriate for the following

I have recently built a new PC with Evolution 2.12.0 (OpenSUSE 10.3
distribution) and wanted to transfer my e-mails from Evolution from my
old PC, which had Evolution 2.0.0 (Mandrake 10 distribution).  To do
this, I followed the instructions "How can I transfer all my Evolution
data between computers/to a new partition/to a new computer?"  in the
FAQ at 'www.go-evolution.org'.

This went well with me seeing my old e-mails on Evolution 2.12.0
starting up.  Seeing as a week had passed since I last got my mail into
Evolution (i.e. into v2.0.0), I thought I would get and then read the
many e-mails that I needed to catch up on.

My work place uses MS Outlook.  As I get e-mails that require following
up, I use the Follow Up Flag.  However, on Evolution on my old PC at
home, I used it differently.

I am subscribed to mailing list digests.  Though most of the posts in a
single digest don't interest me, there are may be one or two that do.
So I used the Follow Up Flag to put a little note against the e-mail
digest, like a sticky note.

However, after reading many of the e-mails I was catching up on, I
noticed that the Follow Up Flags were not imported.  So, the question
is, how can I retrospectively import the Follow Up Flags?

I don't mind writing a few quick scripts to fix this.  However, I don't
know anything about the Evolution data formats...


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