Re: [Evolution-hackers] e_contact_set() and IM fields

Thanks for the suggestion. I've finally got this working now (not
working on it full-time, of course).

> As someone who has written a multitude of EDS clients, my first piece of
> advise to people using libebook is "don't use EContact".  The first
> thing you do when you get an EContact* is cast it up to EVCard*.  Yes,
> it's more work, but because you are telling it exactly what to do, it
> does what you expect.

The code definitely turned out a bit bulkier. I'm hesitant to migrate
the code to EVCard* for the non-list EContactFields, because of that.
But maybe the benefit of treating all data the same could offset that.

> I do plan on making a replacement for EContact at some point too...

I should have a decent grip on this by then - let me know if you need
any testers/commentators. I know I wouldn't mind a simpler API :)


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