[Evolution-hackers] Why is GnomePrintContext still in GtkHtml?

So I'm a little bit confused about this recent GtkPrint migration.  I'm
seeing things in the GtkHtml code like this:

        void  html_engine_print (HTMLEngine         *e,
                                 GtkPrintContext    *print_context);

        gtk_html_print (GtkHTML *html,
                        GnomePrintContext *print_context)
                g_return_if_fail (html != NULL);
                g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_HTML (html));
                html_engine_print (html->engine, print_context);

How does print_context magically change from a GnomePrintContext to a
GtkPrintContext?  Is this an oversight or are we doing something dirty?

Matthew Barnes

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