Re: [Evolution-hackers] What GLib and GTK+ versions do we support?

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 16:26 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Stupid question maybe, but doesn't tell me.
> I'm asking because I'd like to use some recently added features like the
> GSlice allocator in some patches I'm working o
> n.  What's the policy on
> this?  Use whatever GNOME 2.16 supports?

'Whatever GNOME 2.16 supports' was my top-of-the-head answer, assuming
few (if any) users might want to update to the latest Evolution
stand-alone keeping their GNOME desktops intact. This was my thinking
when I approved the patches.

On second thoughts, there are users who use Evolution (for
Exchange/GroupWise connectivity) but run on a KDE desktop and it is not
all fun for them to update glib and above.
I feel it is more prudent to make the patch use g_slice features if a
supported version was available but falls back to the old implementation

This adds to the maintenance foo but gets us a few more happy users.

Any thoughts, others ?


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