Re: [Evolution-hackers] Request for patch review and freeze break in evolution

Hi Nickolay,

 Thanks for the patch. I have reviewed this patch (looks fine) but
following the due process, I prefer to have this reviewed by one of the
mail hackers before the release team is approached and if approved, the
change is absorbed into the release candidate. 

This is my current understanding of the problem :

This bug 

* has been around for quite a while
* >30 duplicates 
* it *is* irritating to have the app crash on exit and
* impacts the user perception of the app's quality adversely.
* has a patch.


* the impact on the application's feature/functionality is minimal.
* there is no data loss (this is an assumption I need the mailer guys to
validate that the crash does not abort any offline sync activity or the
botch the data)

The risk of absorbing this change needs to weighed against the impact of
the bug.

Let us have this in 2.8.0 if the mailer guys feel 

a) the change is not very risky and/or
b) the user impact is high enough to warrant this risk now.

else I would like to defer it for 2.8.1.

And yes, it would have been nice if this bug had been handled much
earlier before it blew up but then here we are...


On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 13:15 +0400, Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:
> Hi all
> Bug 334966 – Evolution crashes sometimes when closing main window
> is a critical bug with more than 30 duplicates. It has simple patch
> included that should fix the problem. I think someone should review the
> patch and break code freeze to make users happy.
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