Re: [Evolution-hackers] building evolution-data-server against the already installed libdb

Back when I was still on the project, the problem was that users could
not migrate their data between different machines running different
distributions (or different versions of the same distribution) because
of file format changes that were continuously happening in libdb (even
between minor revisions of libdb!!! - e.g. libdb-3.1.17 was not
compatable even with 3.0.x or 3.2.x)

Hence we started forcing libdb-3.1.17 (and later we moved to 4.1 - I
don't remember why)


On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 17:49 -0500, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to convince the maintainers of the evolution-data-server
> FreeBSD port (<>)
> to build the software against the db4-version installed by the separate
> port of SleepyCat's db4 (<>).
> I'm using the thus built evolution (against db-4.3.29) to type this
> message, but they remain hesitant, because of the past problems they
> encountered trying to build evolution using the already installed db3
> instead of the version then-bundled with evolution.
> I'm guessing, you used to have modified version of db3, which allowed it
> to work, where the "standard" version did not. Is there anything like
> that in the db4.1 version bundled with e-d-s, or can we safely
> use any reasonably recent version of db4?
> Moreover, perhaps, you can be convinced to stop the bundling of db4
> completely and turn it into just another pre-requisite?
> Thanks! Yours,
> 	-mi
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