Re: [Evolution-hackers] building evolution-data-server against the already installed libdb

В Пнд, 06/03/2006 в 09:25 +0000, Ross Burton пишет:
> contains a patch we've
> been using in the DBus port of EDS to use a dynamic libdb.  Instead of
> simply hacking away at the makefiles it adds an option, so is suitable
> for integration.
> EDS comes with a copy of libdb 4.1.  It was copied as back in the early
> days of Evolution some people had db3, and some had db4, but the file
> format changed.  The solution to this was to add migration logic from
> db3 to db4 in EDS, and to enforce EDS linking to db4.1 by embedding the
> source.
> Recently the DB file format hasn't changed, so the problem is moot.
> I've been running EDS with a dynamically linked libdb 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3
> without any problems, on both Intel and ARM.

Within a distribution, we can enforce dynamic DB linkage as we see fit.
So, I presume, it's safe to apply this patch in a package and save a bit
on memory footprint, plus get all the recent DB bug fixes.

Thank you, Ross, for clarifying the matter.

> I really would like this patch to be merged into EDS for G2.16, if only
> for the memory reduction: libdb is statically linked into both the bdb
> addressbook backend and libedataserver, at a cost of 600K each time.

I'll second that.

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