[Evolution-hackers] Errors in eds when evolution exits

Hey all. I've been running evolution-data-server on the command line, and when I quit evolution, I see these (scary) error messages:

(evolution-data-server:32404): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid unclassed pointer in cast to `EDataBookView'

(evolution-data-server:32404): libedata-book-CRITICAL **: e_data_book_view_get_backend: assertion `E_IS_DATA_BOOK_VIEW (book_view)' failed

(evolution-data-server:32404): libedata-book-CRITICAL **: e_book_backend_stop_book_view: assertion `E_IS_BOOK_BACKEND (backend)' failed

(evolution-data-server:32404): Bonobo-CRITICAL **: bonobo_object_unref: assertion `BONOBO_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed

What is the best way of tracking down why this is happening?  Although nothing is crashing, something seems wrong and I'm sure it has something to do with my e-book plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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