[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Feed Reader Support

Hey all,

I'm working on the component previously known as "brainread" (from
evolution 1.x).  It's a feed aggregator for evolution.  Forgive me if
I'm off base at all here.  I've only been working on evolution a couple
of months now and it's a very large system to try and learn.  So let me
know if I'm completely off base.  Anyway, right now I'm just storing
each feed's information in gconf, which is really hideous and is just a
hack to get around the fact that EDS's backend isn't really designed to
hold general data... to my understanding.   Anyway, I guess I want to
know what people's opinions are on the best way to store this.  Should I
really be looking at building a new backend into the eds architecture?
Can an EBook or Calendar architecture store general data types?  I just
have really little clue about EDS backends.  Anyway, the data I'll want
to store eventually are things like: feed name, update interval, type of
source, location of source, authentication information, etc.  Obviously
gconf isn't the place to store this, and right now I'm just storing a
huge concated string of all the sources(feeds) I'm using.  Anyway,
whatever help being pointed in the right direction would help.

Dev Screenshot: http://node7.org/files/user_files/darkfrog/evo_feeds.png

Andrew Case
case andrew gmail com

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