[Evolution-hackers] Re: Gender ...

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 12:11 +0000, michael meeks wrote:
> So,
> 	At the risk of offending the gender-confused; it would be -extremely-
> useful to have a Gender boolean in the evolution addresbook [ of course,
> perhaps there is & I'm just missing it but I dug into the code ].

No. There isn't.

> 	The reason is OO.o will vary it's salutation on gender; ie.
> 	Dear Mrs. Foo
> 	Dear Mr. Foo
> 	etc. - now one can argue whether this is broken etc. but there it
> is ;-) the current ergonomics are rather built around this - and, you
> can see that such a boolean internationalizes rather nicely.

Why not use 'Title' which is more generic and appropriate - there are
any number of use-cases where a boolean gender would not fit. Addressing
a Doctor / the Queen ;-) for eg.

> 	So - the question is: can we have it ? currently the OO.o mail merge is
> rather feeble without it.

Certainly not on Evo 2.6 at this point, you perhaps already knew that.
Any reason why 'Title' cannot fit your needs ?


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