Re: [Evolution-hackers] RFC: Evolution's library requirements

On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 16:28 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> > I suggest that on upstream CVS, Evolution  should depend on the most
> > recent stable versions of the libraries available in the corresponding
> > GNOME release (Evolution 2.9.x/2.8.x on GNOME 2.16, 2.6.x on GNOME
> > 2.14). This is similar but not exactly the same as what Matthew has
> > outlined in Bug 380534. I agree that the configure scripts need to
> > hard-enforce these dependencies while building the packages.
> Did you mean Evolution 2.9.x/2.10.x on GNOME 2.16?  Or will Evolution
> 2.10.x (which should essentially be 2.9.92 plus bug fixes) suddenly
> depend on GNOME 2.18?
> I think it makes more sense for the development and _subsequent_ stable
> releases to share the same library requirements.  The requirements can
> then be bumped when the next development cycle starts (after CVS is
> branched).  So, for example, 2.11.x/2.12.x will depend on GNOME 2.18.
> I agree that depending on the libraries provided by the most recent
> _stable_ GNOME release is the right thing to do.

If this is what Harish meant, I agree.

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