[Evolution-hackers] Weird Printing with win32 Evo


After a few weeks of being forced to use Thunderbird, my plant supervisor asked me why he cannot send meeting invites from within Sunbird.

Hmmm, I said. I looked into it and answered because they haven't coded integration with thunderbird yet. But let me do some digging.

Next Monday he came in to a full blown Evolution-win32 application. My evaluation showed it would fill that particular need and other "Outlookish" tasks needed by management.

He was pleased as punch all last week. Another win for open source. (Or should that read another opensource for win?)

Anyway cut to this Monday. Could I come take a look at the email he just printed. Sure. Wow that is strange.

Here's the scenario.

Open Mail, Print
Print comes out backwards and upside down.

Open Mail Print Preview
Print looks perfect.

Open Mail, Print to pdf.
Pdf looks perfect, Adobe prints it normally.

Very weird bug, Can't believe I'm alone. Image tarnished in managements eyes due to insufficent testing on my part, sorry guys.

Checked the mailing list, the win32 wiki, evo wiki, this mailing list. Noone else seems to have this dificulty.

Checked different printers, Number of pages, Duplex, Html mail, Text mail. All with same results. (Actually Evo crashed  using Xerox xd100 shared printer)

This version was installed from http://shellter.sourceforge.net/evolution/  2.6.2-5

I see this isn't in your test suite either. Any chance of adding a print check?

Allen Shockley

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