Re: [Evolution-hackers] Request for adding version information to libcamel soname

Hi �stein,
On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 23:43 +0200, �stein Gisn�wrote:
Like harish mentioned in the mail - we are indeed in favour of
version-ing libcamel. This had to be done a long time ago and has been
put aside for a too many reasons. We probably had to do it when we were
moving camel from evolution source to the e-d-s source.
> The first part of the change was described in the previous mail in this
> thread. In addition to using version numbers to libcamel (contrast to
> today's 0:0:0), we plan on moving the private libcamel provider
> libraries to an install location that is version specific. The current
> location is /usr/lib/evolution-data-server-1.2/camel-providers/, which
> includes the API version, but not libcamel version. As far as I know, it
> has already been discussed to name the e-d-s directory differently. Do
> you have an update on if/when that will happen? What we will do on the
> debian side is to move the contents of camel-providers to
> camel-providers/8, or alternatively name it camel-providers-8 or
> similar.
Camel, as such is more or less in a stable state has not changed much
of-late. So the version name would be more or less the same across major
releases, except when we break the API/ABI (which we intend to do for
the 2.8 release). 

> We highly value having the same names and versions in our releases as in
> upstream. If you could give some indications on what changes will be
> made upstream, and what names and versions will be used for this, we
> could use that name/version scheme already and avoid future conflicts.
Sure. we could start off with having the versioning done from the
current stable release. But then again, we are already done with the
major stable release (2.6) - and are in the minor release cycle, so
there would be conflicts for users who would try to upgrade to these
minor releases. 
Am wondering if we should start off doing it on HEAD for now - so that
we have this whole versioning system in place for the next stable

Any comments/suggestions?


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