Re: [Evolution-hackers] e-d-s gnupg code to use libgpgme?

On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 07:17 +0300, Ilkka Tuohela wrote:
> I think we should change gnupg-camel stuff to use libgpgme. Current code
> for example Just Does Not Work with smartcards, since it's trying to
> parse the output from gpg and does not understand the PIN: requests.

Why not simply fix the camel-gpg implementation to handle the PIN:
requests? it's not that difficult. If you get me the status-fd format
( an example dump would do), then I could probably make it work in a few
short minutes.

> Is anyone already working on this? I might find time to do it (already
> thought about this last year so don't hold your breath...), but if
> someone already has started I'm not going to do duplicate effort.

I don't see the point of replacing functioning code with something else
for the sake of replacing it with something else...

> Another question is should we actually have pgp-handling implemented as
> eplugin, not in e-d-s? I might be wrong but I don't see that decryption
> of messages is a task for storage backend.

possibly, but it doesn't really matter at this point.

> In addition to the change to libgpgme I would like to introduce a UI
> change in PGP-key selection dialog in configuration, a simple draft:
> - If user has keys for matching email address in secret keyring we 
>   should offer a dropdown for key IDs, with a 'key details' window 
>   where you can see the fingerprint selected. Maybe the fingerprint     
>   and a summary should be shown for selected key in the window as well

I think this may have already been proposed in bugzilla somewhere... I
think this is probably a good idea.

> - If user does _not_ have matching keys for current e-mail address,
>   we should maybe have a simple dialog offering to generate one, or
>   import a key file to secret keyring if the key is not yet there.
>   No point making it another 'gpg client' with all fancy operations
>   with keys, just 'create a key' and 'import a key'

*shrug* sure...


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