[Evolution-hackers] e-d-s gnupg code to use libgpgme?

I think we should change gnupg-camel stuff to use libgpgme. Current code
for example Just Does Not Work with smartcards, since it's trying to
parse the output from gpg and does not understand the PIN: requests.

Is anyone already working on this? I might find time to do it (already
thought about this last year so don't hold your breath...), but if
someone already has started I'm not going to do duplicate effort.

Another question is should we actually have pgp-handling implemented as
eplugin, not in e-d-s? I might be wrong but I don't see that decryption
of messages is a task for storage backend.

In addition to the change to libgpgme I would like to introduce a UI
change in PGP-key selection dialog in configuration, a simple draft:

- If user has keys for matching email address in secret keyring we 
  should offer a dropdown for key IDs, with a 'key details' window 
  where you can see the fingerprint selected. Maybe the fingerprint     
  and a summary should be shown for selected key in the window as well

- If user does _not_ have matching keys for current e-mail address,
  we should maybe have a simple dialog offering to generate one, or
  import a key file to secret keyring if the key is not yet there.
  No point making it another 'gpg client' with all fancy operations
  with keys, just 'create a key' and 'import a key'

So, what do you think?

Ilkka Tuohela / Nixu Oy <Ilkka Tuohela nixu com>
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