Re: [Evolution-hackers] Plugin

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 19:19 +0530, neelu_dhiman persistent co in wrote:
> Hi
> Please, please do me a favour !!! I am new to writing plugins
> for Evolution. Can please anyone tell me what are the command
> line options for executing a Plugin ? I have written a plugin
> and want to create .so for the same, but I am not able to get
> it executed using normal gcc options. Are there specific
> options to execute a plugin and make .so ? Also, can anyone
> please tell me where to write and call enable function to
> enable a plugin ?

You cant 'run' a plugin from the command line. The plugin gets loaded
when evolution starts. You need to add your plugin in the
file and let it build and all the plugins installed are loaded by
default. You need to disable them if you dont want to them to run

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