Re: [Evolution-hackers] unprofessional or what

Hi Ralf,

On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 17:09 +0200, Ralf Engels wrote:

> Bugs at don't get re-viewed. 
> So no checking, no assigning and even my patched bugs just lay around.
> Since a month. 
> Even Microsoft is faster!

I am sorry your patch did not receive more love than it so rightly
deserved. We do encounter a huge amount of traffic in terms of patches
and bugs - more than we manage to handle as we would like to.

You may perhaps appreciate that Evolution has consistently topped the
weekly bug activity in terms of bug reports and triaging for several
months running.

Thanks to lots of community love  (andre, guenther) - you just need to
look at the bugzilla scores of some of these hackers (who work almost
exclusively on Evolution) to get a grasp of what is being done here.

> Patches at the patches mailing list don't get re-viewed. 
> Ok, maybe that's not needed.

Lately, much of this is moving into Bugzilla and hence some of them do
not get replied. A glance at the commit traffic (thanks to the core
Evolution team and our friends from Sun, China) might give you a better

> And then we have the evolution homepage where it claims that the last
> IRC team meeting was six months ago.
> Ok, maybe Evolution is stable enough that we don't need such a thing any
> more.

We have had consistent problems in managing this site remotely and
keeping this updated. My bad in having let this slip down my to-dos. 
I will treat this as a wake-up call and get this fixed.

Much of the activity has in fact moved to - we should
be making it THE official project base as soon as we can get the issues
Our weekly IRC meetings do happen on Wednesdays at 1000 IST. (You are
welcome, as is every Evo-lover) - We can starting posting the minutes
regularly once we get rid of the site woes mentioned above.

I take it that your mail reflects your love and concern for the project.
We do our best and keep trying to get better - but we are humans too :-)

Thanks for this opportunity to let me acknowledge the work of my
wonderful colleagues and community volunteers. 

And yes, I will follow-up your bug reports and patches - by the end of
the day.

> be professional. Update the homepage, go through bugzilla and write some
> comments to patches on the patches mailing list.
> Or rot...
> BR,
> Ralf

I prefer Option A. Thank you.

- Harish

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